Marshall Colman is one of only a few ceramists in Britain working in the medium of tin-glazed earthenware, making a contemporary reinterpretation of a technique that originated in 10th century Mesopotamia. His ceramics are handmade and decorated with free, gestural brush strokes painted on to the powdery, unfired glaze - like watercolour painting on very absorbent paper. It's a high-risk method because the decoration can’t be altered: if there's a mistake, the glaze has to be washed off and re-applied. Marshall's style is completely modern but he gets inspiration from the ceramics he has seen in collections around the world. His latest work refers to old maiolica drug jars from Italy and the huge medieval Gazelle Vase in the Alhambra, Granada. His work is available in shops and galleries throughout the UK and at selected shows. He was winner of the St Albans Museums Trust Prize in 2013 for ceramics shown at UH Galleries.

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